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What makes art worth looking at?

I think art should be in part a recreation of what we see in life or what we feel deeply and care most about which could be color, light shadow beauty or other types of things that bring out feelings. They might be a combination of these things but somehow elicit deep feelings. It is certainly true that beauty tends to do that whether it’s a beautiful landscape or beautiful people. That is equally true with a combination of colors, the lighted shadow that seem to have that effect. Some folks have a great knack with color and texture that other people are unable to capture. I think what I have become most interested in are a combination of things including paintings that have color, light, shadow, perspective and complex details that don’t look like the kind of things that other people would paint or can’t be painted in just a couple of sittings because of the complexity and the need for layering. I think that is especially true with some of the crowd scenes that I’ve done.

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