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Master the Process

The more I have been able to gather the early masters have a very specific process that they generally follow. A couple links here show some of the types of courses that I have looked at on the internet. It might not have been these particular ones but similar to these that prompted me to go the direction that I went to. I did so particularly because I love going to museums over the years and I've often wondered how the great artists were able to create a lifelike appearance or create realism even though when you look closely enough you can see it was just a painting. I think I’ve found on the internet I have some clue and am more able to see a painting in a museum and know how it probably was done in some respect. Of course, that is just my idea of it as opposed to the great artist who touched their own and prepared their own canvas, ground their own paint, and created many of their solutions and meidums through various complex _____ from scratch the material you buy in the store, even the most expensive ones may not be of quite the same wquality or effect since we believe many of these great masters secrets are lost just the same as fun to think about it. In following the process that I have read about, I always start with a brown wash and on a hard surface, which in my case is a panel board rather than a canvas, then I do a sketch originally with pencil and then with paint of a sort of cartoon or outline of the subject matter and then slowly add definition and shadow then medium colors and near the end light and bright colors on the top layers. At the couple of videos below, you can see the progression of some of my paintings from brown wash to cartoon to depth of colors and then light and bright colors at the end that creates some degree of realism. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this better, I would love to hear it, I am always trying to learn from others_____________________________________ talking with other artists.

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